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Apr 28, 2019 23:45:16

How to lay off an employee

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It might sound scary for somebody. As I wrote in this post "Any suggestion to help friends for interviews", laid-off happened around me just recently. Some people might get angry or frustrated. I do not want to be laid off in this condition. However, if I were an employer, I could understand we need to make a tough decision in some situation. Well, what do I know? –No, nothing. 

I noticed I did not know what is the process and logic behind lay off. So even if it would be very superficial, I would like to summarize what is the general process about how to lay off an employ from an employer perspective. 

  1. Planning the layoffs
    1. determine who will be laid off
    2. align with a lawyer
    3. align with your direct reports
    4. determine when it will be
  2. Announcing the layoffs
    1. practice the announcement
    2. perform the layoff
    3. setup a meeting with those who are laid off
    4. take care of the reactions
    5. provide some supports
    6. understand well the severance package
    7. stay aligned with the lawyer
  3. Dealing with the aftermath of layoffs
    1. be prepared about the changes
    2. communicate with your employees
    3. press release

Now I can see these processes were actually conducted. I saw there would be a hustle on the other side which have to tell this layoff announcement. It is very tough. It is better to be avoided. 

I am still curious about what is the process of selection i.e., who they select the people who will be laid off. It would be appreciated if you can share any material or experiences. 


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