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Dec 13, 2018 10:28:25

How to find more remote clients

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First of all, I'm not good at this. Here I basically put down some research for later review for myself ;) I have not tested these methods.

I hate websites such as ... It's all about fighting for the lowest prices between freelancers and all about getting the best deal for a client. It's ridiculous. I rather believe in creating value for each other. Business is something you do with several people / parties and all have to benefit from this business-deal. The client needs to be happy and be able to develop their business and the freelancer wants to create a good relationship and earn their wage.


Apparently there are many daily requests for freelancers all over the internet. I will check out these later myself and perhaps write an article about it.

Here's one example: Twitter with a query search for 'Looking for freelance frontend remote'.

Other useful queries:

Looking for JavaScript
Need Web Design
Looking for React
Need Freelance
Looking for remote

I'm sure you can apply these queries on other platforms such as Reddit and more (note to self: find more sou

edit: I looked up at twitter and well.. it was kind of disappointing.

Follow up / cold email or tweet

This is always a tough one. We all hate spam and we feel like we are spamming others. So respect anyone's time you approach and KISSSS (Keep It Simple Stupid/Silly/Smartypants)

- You do the work: this means you write the approach, you take action. So DO NOT you just leave a message with an email how to contact you
- Research the client: find their name + what they are exactly looking for
- Explain how you can help: the more specific the better. 
- Add a follow-up question: 'help' them how to contact you
- Keep the message small and enticing
- Add links or CV 


Hi <Clientname>,

Available and ready to help you with <project>.
I have specific experience with <kind of work>, for example this project I did last year.

You can find some of my work here and here.

Here's a link if you would like to know more about me.


There are so many guides out there. Finding remote jobs is not easy, you are in a huge pool, battling it out with others. I think it's a numbers game and this means you have to learn how to close deals. I've always worked as a contractor, agents and recruiters can get me a job in no time. But they are NEVER remote. So I make it harder being remote - though on the flip side I need less money too. 

If you are note remote, check out this guide

And very important, have a little fun with it 😂

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