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Dec 10, 2018 03:27:36

How to draft a plan

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"Let's create a plan," she said.

"About what?" I replied.

She continued: I want to build a house on in a great location that has fantastic weather, high-speed internet and great schools.

I asked: What are the schools for? 

"The kids!" she said.

"Okay. So you want to build a house and have kids?" I asked.

"I want to, do you want to?" she asked cautiously.

"Of course I do, I swallowed. But, I kind of have to mention something." I said.

"What is it?" she inquired curiously.

"Well, you see. I kind of want to have kids. But I don't want to have kids with your DNA. You see, after we did that 23 & me thing, and I saw how messed up your genes are; not to mention those of your mom and dad, I think now might be a good time to kind of, you know, go our separate ways."

Blink. Blink.

She was speechless.

Blink. Blink. Blink.

"Ummmm..." she murmured.

"Well..." she lingered and hung let the sound hang on her lips -- as you might to keep your place in the conversation and others know you're going to continue.

"What if we just got a puppy?" she blurted.

"Now you're talking." I said. "Remember that cute one we saw at the beach?"

"Yes. Yes! That was the cutest." she gasped.

"oh. And I still want to build a cool house." she finished.

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