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Jul 08, 2019 07:33:12

How to become warm and sunny? How to share it with people?

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Recently I found one yang male on YouTube, he talks about self-development and nutrition. And... he is so sunny and warm. I feel his sincerity and happiness when watch his videos. 

I love sunny people who shares with you their energy. To be honest, I didn't meet them before, and I guess, I know why. A human must be yourself, he must develop and growth. And after that the human will become a fountain of something light and clear for other people. 

I want to become this fountain of something light and clear too, I want to develop yourself for me, for my best life and attitude. 

But how to become this fountain? Of course, I don't know what to do step by step β€” nobody didn't gift me an instruction when I was born. But... I learned from his videos, that I need to live in present time, achieve my inner goals, outer me must be like inner me and my thoughts must be mine, not other's people, also I need to develop clear relationships with people without lie. Also, I noticed he has a life goal β€” to help people become happy. Great! Isn't it? I don't have a life goal at the current moment, but I believe that I will have one in the future, when outer me become me truly.

Everything above will make me happy and I will be a sunny girl too. I want to share this warm and inspire people. (Maybe is it looks like a life goal? Haha.)

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