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Jan 26, 2019 01:21:18

How to be successful

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How to be successful by Sam Altman

1) Compound yourself

Look towards a career that has a compounding effect, and that your rate of learning should always be high. As your career progresses, each unit of your work should generate more and more results.

Learn skills that has compounding effect:

- Getting good at communication, especially written communication.

- Building solutions to problem

- Building networks by helping people

Take time between projects, and make sure each project count.

2) Have self belief β€” confidence

Get more data points that your judgement is good and you can consistently deliver results. The benchmark is Elon Musk's conviction to send rocket to space.

You must balance self belief with self awareness. Seek the truth, as hard as it may be so you don't get delusioned.

3) Learn to think independently.

Much has been said about thinking from first principle. Put yourself in situation where you have to figure things out.

4) Get good at sales

Self-belief alone is not sufficient, you have to be able to convince people of what you believe. The best way to get good at sales is to genuinely believe in what you're selling. By that you have to believe in the things you build. 

5) Take risks

Do things that have a lot of upside with limited downside, when you can afford it.

6) Focus

Figure out what to do to get what you want. Then be unstoppable in getting the priorities done.

7) Be hard to compete with. The best way to build up leverage β€” personal relationships, strong personal brand, getting good at intersection of multiple fields.

Evaluate your day based on rate of improvement

8) You get rich by owning things that increase in value over timeβ€” own products, business, equity, real estate

9) Be internally driven - Do things to impress yourself, set your own standard. Work towards the ideal you and your work.

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