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Jun 19, 2019 21:17:16

How racism started in Germany

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Black people have been living in Germany for more than 400 years and today they number about one million.

Germany had colonies in Africa and just like people today dream to move to the US, most young Africans at the time wanted to come to Germany. There was no such thing as β€œRacism” or at least as we call it today and some of them became successful soldiers climbing up in the Germany military ranks like the Tanzanian Bayume Mohamed Hussein.

It only started to take shape when Africans started to set themselves, for instance by marrying German women β€” and Germans reaction was β€œthey are taking away our women.”

Germany Government at the time came up with a plan β€” let’s start ethnographic exhibits, also known as human zoos. Here, Africans were being exhibited as objects from what they supposedly represented β€” namely Africa with drums, dancing and songs. The idea was that the people on display were foreign, exotic, and showing spectators (specifically, German women) what were their homes like.

But the idea spread across all other European countries who had colonies in Africa including Belgium.

This simple and small stupid idea to deter German women from marrying Africans have stuck with almost everyone in the northern hemisphere spanning decades. It’s the same imagery you see when International aid industry runs their ads on television today about Africa.

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    @chacha this story is hectic! I can't believe how stupid we can be as a race! Thanks for blowing my mind and for the interesting history lesson!

    Jack Lyons avatar Jack Lyons | Jun 19, 2019 17:32:51
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