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Mar 17, 2019 22:11:55

How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation

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How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation by BuzzFeed.

There are many things mentioned in this post, which I thought it could be improved by the attitude of "compare yourself who you were yesterday." Here are my random comments with some extractions from this article.

  • Failure of adulting
    "(They are) indulged. (They) cannot complete easy tasks (since they do not find the huge returned value against the energy to be spent)."–There are two ways to tuclke this in my mind: forget these tiny tasks and focus on more important things or complete one by one by comparing yourself to gain another indirect return, i.e., you progressed on your own.

  • Risk management for education 
    "their mindset is up to what their parents allowed them to do and not to do e.g., not play using dangerous playground or athretics."–They have been optimized by thier parents. Due to these intensive education, children tend to look at what parents wants. 

  • "What'll I tell my parents? I want a cool job I'm passionate about!"
    They are optimized what thier parents wants. At the same time, it might be getting difficult to get a job which can last for decates nowardays. These days our life is continuous learning process and we are expected to have different kinds of job in our life based on "Life Shift." Of course there are some pressure regarding ecnomical aspect to live in a moderate life. Personally, the way to see whether you have a passion or not for something like a hobby or job can also be measured by the length of continuation, not just by how your emotion is hot right at one moment. It is like a marathon, not a sprint. Before starting to do a job, you might not be able to tell if you have a passion or not. While doing that, you will do that under different condition or mood. Even if you have a bad condition like someone looks donw or dispise it, or you have unhealthy condition, and you can continue to do, then it might be a true "passion" 

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