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Feb 10, 2019 00:08:15

How I Handle the Blues

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When I feel getting sucked into the bottomless pit of loneliness, I think of myself at fragile age 85, old, miserable and all alone, and it does the trick to help me battle the call of melancholy.

This is not to imply that I am avoiding pain or negative emotions as soon as possible, but honestly, nobody enjoys the pain unless I'm a masochist. I'm scared as well that if I stay lonely for far too long, depression would follow.

So, to get out out of it, I think of my worst self in the future. Doing this helps me keep things in perspective that if I allow this current dilemma to rule my life, I'd regret it, and I only have one life to live. One job loss away shouldn't ruin my whole life, neither should one break up away makes me feel depressed. 

The power of patting my shoulder on the back is also my other therapy in handling sorrows. I don't open up my whole feelings to anyone, so I was my own best friend on my toughest days. 

I am fortunate enough that I do not resort to drugs, drinking, and other activities that alleviate the pain for the moment but have some serious complications in the long term.

I think the next one I'll try is to tell myself repeatedly that I love myself for what I've come through, and that I can survive anything life throws at me. 

Viewing things as neither good or bad can be also very much helpful in controlling how I respond to a situation.

Lastly, this too shall pass.

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