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Jan 30, 2019 07:32:20

How I get things done

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Janne Koponen

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I think I haven't written about my productivity system in its entirety. At least not for a while. And as I'm constantly trying to improve it, anything I have written previously is probably outdated anyway.

The system is pretty simple at its core: I have a list of daily tasks I want to compete every day. The items on that list aren't any particular tasks, but rather categories of things to do. The list is further divided in (currently) five categories. Every day I have a simple goal of completing enough items from that list to satisfy two rules:

  1. Complete at least as many items as I did in the previous day
  2. Complete at least one task from each category

For the first rule, I also try to improve every day to make each consecutive day even more productive. Until to the point I'm close to the max and can't keep it up anymore. Then I can have a reset, start again from the minimum. Which still requires at least five items to be completed to satisfy the second rule.

I don't follow the streaks of any particular items separately. There is one exception to this: my daily writing. But everything else goes by categories and keeping up with the minimum completed items count.

The list can be edited at any time when there are new items I feel needed, or some of the existing ones become obsolete. I try to keep the categories balanced, but that's not a strict rule. Just my affinity for symmetry.

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