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Mar 18, 2019 06:35:30

Hookeepr Update 2.0 - Progress

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For the past few days, I m rebuilding one of my more successful side project - Hookeepr. It doesn't bring in any revenue yet, but it does continuously bring in user weekly. 

My rebuilding plan focuses on three things.

1. Cleaner interface - The current interface is like everything squeezes into one place. I m still working on the new interface, but it will separate the few main features on its dedicated page and make rooms to extend the services

2. Ready for extension - I have some ideas on extends the services, currently people more like using it to save webhook and don't use the API to query it. It feels like targets on developers, but developers don't use it this way. I m thinking to expand the features so that general user can send out what they save to some external services. 

3. Throttle and limit - The first edition doesn't do any throttle and limit, going to do some proper control on this and make it a difference between free and paid users.

I m still in the process to re-work on the paid plan, how much features & usages should free user getting, what's the good trigger point for them to upgrade, really need to find the balance.

Hopefully, all these can be round up before the end of this month, so that the new Hookeepr can meet the users and I can focus on selling it next Quarter.

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