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Jun 02, 2019 21:33:08


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Today was the sign up for the Hive coding school my son is hoping to get in. The first sign up was at nine o'clock in the morning and other two times later during the day offering 60 spots for both of the upcoming piscine periods each.

Selecting the applicants on first come principle might not be the best way to choose those who get in. With such a huge amount of those interested,  and only such a small amount of places open it wasn't much better than just choosing at random. Just being there at the right place at the right time wasn't enough, there must have been hundreds such people there at the same time anyway. So, after all, it was practically random among those.

Sure, the method might have weed out those who weren't that interested that they would have committed themselves to race for the spot being there refreshing the page at the time. And probably it will even out after a while, after a few more rounds as this was the first time ever. There won't be such a massive flood anymore on the following occasions.

Anyway, despite all this I'm extremely happy to tell you my son managed to get in right in the morning on the first try. I'm glad he'll get this opportunity.

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