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Dec 23, 2018 14:21:51


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No not the wrestler or your actual mom. Damn this title can really invoke something completely different then I meant. 

This 200WAD are some notes I made from listening to the podcast of Kevin Rose with Jim Kwik as a guest and reading this article: 'goals from the hearth'. Coincidentally they were quite a fit.

"Goosebumps are truth-bumps."


Head to hearth to hands. 

Head: the understanding, feeling of growth, affirmation

Hearth: symbolizes emotions and motivation. We are not logical, we are biological. Also, see Simon Sinek's book: start with why. The fuel why we do what we want to do.

Hands: the practical, the functional. You can visualize and affirm goals in your head all day, but if you’re not acting with your hands, you’re missing your heart or your emotion.

My own 'H': Health!

Think H.e.a.r.t.h., not S.m.a.r.t.

MOM (Mother Of all Memory practices)

To remember things. Everyone forget someone's name. Could be anything from disinterest or just not remembering. But if you would get a million dollars, for the next name you remember, everyone will suddenly remember. I would call that motivation.

Motivation: What's the fuel? Ask yourself why you need to remember something. Reasons reap results.

Observation: Memory issues are usually attention issues, not retention issues. Be present at the moment, listen, and stay aware of your surroundings as best you can.

Mechanics: Find a process or trick that works for different situations and practice it. Over and over. You won't get better at memorizing names until you start practising it.

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