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Feb 06, 2019 03:16:22

healthy skin

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David nge

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Like most guys, I never placed much importance on my skin. And this is fine because we never aim to achieve flawless skin anyway. So the thought of taking care of your skin sounds really foreign.

But as years passed, looking back at the photos I do realize my skin condition has deteriorated over the years. It's subtle change and I wouldn't notice it unless I compared them side by side.

It's like the story of boiling a toad slowly who didn't manage to jump out of the flask before it's too late. 

More than just vanity, I now do think this can have a major impact on your confidence later in life.

I recently realize importance of confidence. The founder of Singapore said that confidence was their key success in the 1970s. Sam Altman also quoted one of the success factors to be confidence. 

Even though they're not talking about confidence in terms of physical appearances. Paying attention to other aspects of life that breeds confidence is worth doing even though many see it as a vanity act.

After some research, improving skin health actually involves a lot of healthy lifestyle choices, such as getting enough sleep, taking vitamins and eat vegetables, exercise, and etc. 

I would call these the feel good factors.

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