Dec 16, 2018 11:56:39

Having a super power

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Sometimes people tell me how smart I am. 

That I am able to do so many things and quite well.

That I seem to "just get it".

But I never feel that way. It's kind of flattering but I honestly never feel that way. I don't feel I'm smarter than anyone. That's a good thing I suppose. Once I would believe I'm the best in anything, I wouldn't be hungry to learn and stay motivated.

So a super-power is what I call a basic fundamental understanding that can be applied to so many others.

Most of my superpowers are in computers and software 🤓

One of the super-powers I learned is understanding computers. It took me soooooo long. I learned so much. Stuff that I would hardly even use again. Like in an HTML document, there are loads of tags which I simply copy and paste from a boilerplate. I hardly use the knowledge I've learned in the past. I'm now quite deep in Javascript and have to grab the HTML documents to look up HTML elements and their intended usage 😂 (9+ years frontend dev talking here).

But I understand the underlying principle that HTML is a way to describe elements on a page. So now I understand how their usage is implied. I could've just copy and pasted everything, but knowing these mechanics are quite important.

Understanding the underlying concepts of technicality really helps me move forward. Anything on a computer is made by a programmer. I don't see myself as a great programmer, but understanding how the programmer approaches their work, helps me understand the program I use. 

I understand software interfaces. I've seen the same patterns over and over again so when I open a new program, usually after 10-20min or so depending on the complexity I can just roll with it.

What are your super-powers?

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