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Jan 27, 2019 03:17:48

Have almost too much self-belief

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I want to expand on this subtopic by Sam Altman on how to be successful as I think it is quite underrated. 

We hear these phrases, "Be positive!", "Have confidence in yourself", "Just do it" so often that it becomes mantra you repeat only when you need the extra boost in confidence.

After reading Sam Altman's post, I think this behaviour can be a habit, a default mode if you will.

And that's something you can cultivate early on.

It does require some positivity in the beginning. As you get more data points that your judgement is good and you can deliver good results, you trust yourself more.

Elon Musk said in one of his many interviews that he specifically seek out negative feedbacks so he can improve.

There's a difference between having self confidence and being delusional. And how to avoid being the latter is to seek truth about yourself and the environment you work in. 

Having this self awareness helps you avoid coming across as entitled and out of touch.

You are more empowered to bend the world to your will when you have self belief.  Which is why the biggest reason for Singapore's success is confidence.

Another thing is you cultivate the confidence to figure things out even though there isn't a solution now. You are more likely to pull through to the end knowing you'll figure it out eventually.

That's the kind of optimism we need more of. 


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