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Feb 14, 2019 22:07:06

Happy Valentine

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It's been the day of the year for most of the couples. But don't forget Valentine day is not just for boyfriend or girlfriends, Valentine also means something for the whole family and can be celebrated between husband and wife.

My wife and I didn't plan anything for Valentine this year, We been busy after the Lunar New Year, both kids sick. It's really tired to take care of the sick kids while working from home, lucky I can still send my big kids to my parent place in exchange for a few peaceful hours to work.

This morning after reviewing with the doctor, the big kid seem like clear with the virus and can go back to school, but the small kid throat still having infection need to start taking some antibiotics ( he looks perfectly ok just that still got some white spot on his throat which we afraid he spread the virus back to his brother) . After sending the big kids to school and I discuss with my wife to have a small Valentine getaway to have a person lunch. She agreed and I just send my small kid over to my parent's place.

Finally, we have some time to have a quiet lunch, we finally have some time to talks and laugh. It's totally not a romantic Valentine lunch, but it's really sweet that we both can have some personal time together. I think that will be the true meaning of Valentine.

I don't give my wife flower on Valentine since the whole Valentine has been over commercialised, the flower is going to cost a bomb on this day. Thanks for the Canva help, I manage to work out a short video with some half-ass image skill with some of our recent photos. It doesn't look professional at all but it put a smile on her faces. 

After lunch, wife suggests for a walk at the shopping mall to buy something for me, but I rejected. I rather spend times to watch some show at home with her while holding her hand.

That's our Valentine day, short and sweet, might be a bit too simple for some people but thanks that I have a understand wife, and she knows this is what I prefer and support it. 

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    @knight I really like the <big kid, small kid>> solution :-)
    and YES for a quiet lunch!!!

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Feb 14, 2019 16:01:49
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      @lucjah thanks ! yup, it's pretty hard to have a quiet lunch just between me and my wife, I guess the last one should be a few months ago.

      Knight avatar Knight | Feb 15, 2019 22:15:05
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