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May 13, 2019 06:47:11

Happy Mother Day

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Sunday on the second week of May is Mother Day, I start the celebration since Friday, with my mother in law, until Sunday itself with my mother. Like I mentioned before, our family bond is strong, so we celebrate almost all family event together, from parent birthday, mother & father day, Chinese Lunar New Year. 

You might think this is common, but not every family like that. For example, my mother in law side doesn't celebrate this before I married my wife. After married, my wife was surprised that our family celebrate all these events and start to do the same for her own family. So now a day we celebrate almost all events twice.

After we become parent, we start to treasure more our parents, because we finally taste the suffer every parent has to go through and thanks for their hard work, we managed to grow up and able to form out our own family. It's not easy. Event until today we have our own family already, they still assist us in their way. For a good example when the small kid is sick, and I have to send the big kid away to avoid getting infect, they are the one support me and help me take care of the big kid.

I have a close relationship with my mum, although we still fight sometimes these days we all know that's the way we care about each other. I know both my brother and sister have been disappointed her with some events before, that's why I m trying my best to be the most thoughtful kid, it's stressful. Lucky now a day they both well behave and has been filial piety to her.

Hopefully, when I'm old, I can also be the parent that still able to help my kids too, my parent inspires me to be a better parent.

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