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Feb 01, 2019 21:18:22

Happy, and Grateful!

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Today, I made a progress with my painting. I can say that it has slowly have taken its form by 80% and I was so happy with my accomplishment. Earlier this afternoon, I was surprised of my younger cousins visiting me at home which I haven't seen for a long time. It made me feel that I am not alone even when I am living on my own. I'm more than happy as I watch them roaming around my things, except for my painting of course. It made me feel like they really wanted to get to know my world. I didn't do much at home today, but I had a good day.

I and my inner circle have planned to have a night out and have a clean fun this evening. Talking about life, future and whatever we are going through in life makes us all connected aside from us being all girls. I'm so happy to know that we're going to stay overnight by a poolside. Isn't it amazing? There weren't many people around, so I guess it will be really a moment to relax, meditate, and perhaps listen to one another. It was so silent in here and I am more than thankful because it's relaxing. I knew I needed this. And I'm more than grateful. When was the last time I've had a moment with water aside from washing the dishes and doing the laundry?

There are moments in life that we just want to breathe as if we're not thinking about life at all, but just breathing the moment. This is one of my moments. I hope I'll be able to see more of the stars tonight and have a glimpse of the beautiful constellations of the universe. Taking a deep breath at the moment, being grateful for what is, and having a hopeful posture for the future. Thanks be to God! 

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