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Jul 24, 2019 13:35:00

Happiness Lies In Being True To Your Values

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Jack Lyons

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At the moment I am reading Goals! by Brian Tracy. The premise is simple: by setting goals you will have more clarity and direction in life. I like the book because it's simple, easy to understand and actionable.

In one of the chapters Brian explains the use of values in goal setting. Values are important because they are the foundation that must be laid to make a congruent change between one's inside (feelings) and outside (actions).

In other words, you need to believe what you do is true to your values, otherwise it won't be an effective goal.

For example, I value financial freedom, exploration (travel), health & wellbeing and meaningful human connections (got a lot to work to do here!).

My goals need to align with my values and my belief system otherwise they won't be ingrained into my overall being - my thoughts, actions and life decisions.

It's really hard to know what your values are without taking some time out of your busy day to sit in peace and reflect. Once your values are clear, the actual process of setting goals should form naturally around those values. More on that in a future post ... 😀

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