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Sep 03, 2019 22:04:28

Happiness Level

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Recently @juliasaxena wrote about happiness levels in "The How of Happiness". I took the test and didn't do too well. The average person scores 4.0, I got a 3.9. I don't consider myself unhappy, but I don't consider myself particularly happy either.

As I discussed with Julia, happiness is a subjective concept:

Happiness is always subjective. You can never get your own right and it's damn near impossible to get another person's right. They are deceptive (not necessarily negatively) since they want to project themselves well.

It's hard to gauge people's true emotions, especially in this technological era. Online, people are deceptive. This doesn't apply to all people and maybe deceptive is the wrong word, but definitely not true to themselves.

Even if they are truthful, happiness is an individual scale.

You can always improves, you can always deteriorate - but your worst might be someone else happiest.

I thought about this a lot recently and this post has made me think about it some more. I specifically thought about my weight goal today.

I go to Slimming World with my partner. When I joined last July, I set myself a goal of losing 3 stone. Over a year later, I lost over 2 stone. Slow and steady. I've not powered through, but I have developed some great habits - healthier eating, healthier choices, I exercise regularly.

Today, I've decided that losing 3 stone was not actually my goal at all. I'm happy with myself. I have a little extra chunk, but I'm fitter, healthier... happier.

My goal is to continue with these health habits; become fitter, healthier, happier. My goal is to worry less. I'm doing well. I'm succeeding.

I'll consider my happiness level more often. What areas of my life or happiness would you be interested in hearing about?

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