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Jun 15, 2019 20:56:25

halfpost/halfcheat (OH NO! NOT AGAIN!!!)

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So... how I am today?

(Definitely NOT fed up with 200 Words a Day!)

But... for a change... confused. Lost in the tornado of life...

Is it possible that a mother does not love her child? I imagine (if we look at all the neglect in the world) it is... 

And neglect... It doesn't have to be not taking care of child's physical well being. Or intellectual. Emotional neglect is enough to fuck up one's life...

What events make a mother not love her child??? They must be hurtful and sad... She must have been a victim of neglect... (Not that I am convinced of existence motherly instinct. I don't know...

(above is the morning part, full of energetic pondering and dramatic deliberations)


(and that... is the evening "THIS subject should not be taken lightly, but I feel like I'm gonna collapse in 3 seconds" part)

Ladi dadi dadi da. Dadi dadi dadi da. Lada dadi dadi da. Ladi lada, dadi dada. Lada dadi dadi da. Ladi dadi dadi da. Lada dada, dadi da. Ladi dadi dadi da. Lada dada. Dadi da da. Da! Da!

(The bloody 200 words seem countless... heeeeeelp!!!) 

Ok, almost there... (WHEN was the last time I was doing THAT???)

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