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May 09, 2019 21:17:58

half way...

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I haven't been here just for a few days - 3 maybe 4. His face changed so much. As if he was indeed half way between here - our world of little bothers - and there… the beyond. And it seems that β€œthe beyond” doesn't look so bad from where he looks at it.

When I entered the room he was sitting on a chair. Straight. Lightly swinging forwards and backwards. Gentle smile reaching his closed eyes. Pale skin. Face of meditating Buddha instantly comes to mind. Folded hands resting below the hara, of course looking exactly like the cosmic mudra

So mellow... At peace... Apart form the moments when he isn’t. When loosing control over the body, independence of simplest decision makes him annoyed and frustrated. Then he protests. With hoarse voice. No dilly-dally there!

Is it ok to say that I really like to be near him now? In his presence. Presence of someone getting ready for his biggest journey. And he loves his journeys.

He is half way. And yet he so is here. With us. Flocking all around him. He is giving us something. We are receiving something. Something special. 

Knowledge how beautiful, full of dignity and playfulness au revoir can be...

And he's gone...

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    @lucjah <3

    PhilH avatar PhilH | May 09, 2019 23:48:09
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