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Apr 29, 2019 09:37:18

Growth v. Launch

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Brian Ball

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Tell me about a time you've done something to cause growth:

Growth is not how I would have described it then - more like an orbital launch. 

The visuals are different. With growth, I think of gardening or farming. There are clear seasons of work to be done, expectations about the environment, and terms that define planting, tending, harvesting and going to market.

A launch is different. 

With a launch, you do a lot of pre-event planning, thinking, strategizing - then hope the single push of a button will ignite the events that get the desired results - but may not. It could be a disaster. We've seen it with space shuttles and other rockets that malfunction early on. 

Growth is measured, controlled and includes many opportunities for feedback and correction. Launch - prepare and pray.

I was launching a new software product to the world and getting positive feedback. Knowing the margins built into digital products, I concluded that the cost of a giveaway was nominal to the value of increased market awareness.

I engineered a simple giveaway tracker that would reduce the online price of our product for each blogger who wrote about and posted their link into our confirmation form. You could buy it at any price as it reduced to $0.00, but the smart people got involved and helped.

The price quickly went to $0.00 over a weekend. The next week, we gave away more than 10,000 copies of our software [AppZapper](http://appzapper.com) - and had almost 300 backlinks to our site. I didn't realize at the time, because SEO wasn't a thing -- but it caused an explosion of sales that lasted a decade.

Knowing what I know now, however, I'd double down on mini-launches and use them to get the flywheel going on highly leveraged growth opportunities.

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