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May 04, 2019 18:31:34

Grateful guest

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We have one couple of guests, who are friends for both of my wife and me. It was fun to talk with them. Here are the good things to host some guests.

  • Socialized
    Because of newborn, especially my wife tended to be isolated from the society. So it was good refreshment for her to chat and laugh with close frineds. 
  • Appreciated
    Today I prepared the followings and they loved especially my flan as they requested.
    • Cold basil paste pasta with grape tomato and edamame beans (red and green contrast with pesto green background)   
    • Garlic toast (crunchy grilled toast with freshly squeezed garlic with butter and olive oil)
    • Flan (extra york added flan with very smooth touch) 
    • Matcha Panna Cotta
  • Exhausted
    This "exhausted" is in a good way. After spending a couple of hours, we enjoyed and used a lot of energy even if we did not have enought sleep. Today for sure, we will have immediate sleep right after we are ready to sleep in the bed. 

We did not have many guest untill now, but all of sudden we are getting some visiting offer from multiple people. I personally appreciated these kind of consideration. I would like to do the same if some of my friends have a kid. 

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