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Dec 30, 2018 08:40:28

Got a new phone

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David nge

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So I got myself a new phone over the weekend.

Well, technically it's not "new". I bought the secondhand phone over from my girlfriend's brother-in-law.

I had the Oneplus One since 2014, and it's one of the best value purchase I made ever. 

At just over $300 at the time, it was the Flagship killer.

The phone's fast, UI was great, has good camera and charges extremely fast.

In 2018 though, the choices are aplenty.

Safe to say, it's hard to buy a bad phone nowadays.

Almost all of the new phones released in 2018 were better than the Oneplus one on all fronts.

Despite that fact, I didn't feel as excited as I got the Oneplus. Largely because the experience on Android is pretty much the same. 

I use the same apps, browse the same websites. The only difference is I can now take better pictures and that my phone can last more than 5 hours without charging.

Which is why I feel reluctant to spend over $500 for a brand new phone without feeling I could use it for something better.

Thankfully, my girlfriend's brother in law is a geek and can afford to change phone every year.

So I was more than happy to take over his Huawei p20 pro at a bargain, while he upgrades to the just released mate20 pro.

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