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Mar 09, 2019 17:35:12

Google custom search hack

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Today I learned about a very important google search "hack". It's a custom search hack that you input your values and google does the heavy lifting of searching for you.

Basically it's making your own "shortcuts" with the search engine.

I'll explain...

Custom search engines are a lesser-known feature. You can access it by going to Menu>Preferences>Manage Search Engines or you can just type the following the search bar - chrome://settings/searchEngines?search=se.

But we've all used the default ones. It's what lets you type things like "maps [tab]" and then search for Google Maps.

But you can make anything for your own. For instance, I set up a ProductHunt search right inside Chrome. "ph [tab] twitter" gets me the top-voted Twitter products.

Then it gets really interesting: This isn't just for search engines. It's really a general-purpose text expander. Anything with a URL and one phrase works. And web apps are often set up to do a lot of things from URL parameters.

My favorite example: Create a google doc instantly, right from the address bar. "docs [tab] New Document's Title Here"

You can differentiate your company docs too. Jumps right into your work account automatically: "workdoc[tab] Meeting Notes" then just start typing. You can do it with anything that uses a URL!

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    @chacha checkout doc.new

    Abhinaya Konduru avatar Abhinaya Konduru | Mar 09, 2019 17:59:31
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      @itsabhinaya Thank you! I use docs.new

      maginga avatar maginga | Mar 09, 2019 23:11:20
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