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Jan 09, 2019 16:23:35

Good Old Days

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I have been very busy since yesterday.

Start with an evening meeting in Singapore, cross the border ( I stay at Malaysia Johor and Travel to Singapore to meet clients and get deals ) and come home to work until 3 am in the morning, rest for few hours and cross the border in 7am+ to Singapore again to meet another client. 

Luckily there is no jam on the causeway, I have crossed the border smoothly and reach my destination early. I manage to have 1-hour spare time to have my breakfast and do some grocery shopping. After the morning meeting, doing some routine misc work, pack my lunch and eat in the car, cross the border and come home to continue work until evening, manage to steal some time to take a quick nap before heading to dinner.

A busy lifestyle like this reminds me of my second job, that's when I haven't become a developer. I working as Application support in a resort island, most of the time I go to the office before the sun comes out and go home with the sky full of stars.

Those are the days that I really growth in term of personal & technical skill, which is why you should really go all in when you are young. Now a day with family and kids I will feel guilty because can't spare more time with the family. Getting work-life balance is not really easy and don't think about Getting work-life balance when you are young, those are the time when you get all in and growth yourself.

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