Jan 12, 2019 17:25:54

Good Days, Bad Days and Okay Days

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Antonio Gary Jr.

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Today is one of those day's where I have exactly no idea what to write and rather than make up some motivational fortune cookie bullshit, I will rather be honest and say I'm simply writing to get the additional reps in. Throughout my life, I've always dubbed myself a writer but my desire to write always came in waves. My goal at the beginning of December was to simply write a minimum of 3 days a week. Whether that was on my private blog shared with close friends, personal website or private journey; however, after stumbling upon 200WaD, my goal was to keep my streak as long as possible and write something every day. 

I mentioned in previous posts that I was a former athlete and much of the lessons I learned on the soccer or lacrosse field carried over into my personal life and career. Like anything you're passionate about sometimes you have good days, bad days, and okay days. The goal is to regardless of those days that turn out to be bad or okay, you're getting the reps in or putting in the work. So, yes, today is one those day's where it's just okay. That being said I rather put in the work. 

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