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Mar 14, 2019 15:38:41


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My dad and I bonded over an unusual occasion today: playing golf. I never really showed interest all these years while my father plays golf, he even bought me gloves and some clubs but the sport just didn't appeal to me.

Today I found a surprising resemblance between golf and basketball – the sport I love. Just like shooting a basketball or making free throws, golf require repetitive swings to get the technique right to even hit the ball. It requires hand eye coordination as well as upper body strength and balance, more than that, hitting the ball consistently requires focus and presence of mind. Which is why for the first time I think golf may be another sport I can pick up alongside basketball.

Stephen curry, arguably the greatest basketball shooter to date, also plays golf, and he plays surprisingly good. This was one of the reason why I tried golf, to find out if I'd like it, and I did.

This is more than golf though. It's been awhile since I saw my dad talk so passionately about a subject. He told me stories of the golf legends, rules of the game, his best records etc. His excitement is akin to high school kid being passionate about football.

It's all good though, I really enjoyed my time hanging out with my father outside of family gatherings, and dinner etc. Someday I might even have a friendly golf competition with my dad while he still has it.

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