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Jan 15, 2019 07:59:38

Giving Up My Blog for 200WaD

by @luis | 227 words | 12💌

Luis Barragan

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So I decided to go all in on 200WaD at this point I have been more consistent on writing here then on my own blog. I have removed my blog link from my website and it now links here. I am all in. To be honest I have noticed a change in my writing elsewhere because I am writing more frequently then I used to. 

So maybe there is a benefit to all this and I am glad I am trying it out. I still don't know exactly what I will be posting about. I might just post stuff that is already on my blog. Along with my personal blog, I have a website where I how-to guides for WordPress I might post that here. 

Another blog I have is horror related. I completely enjoy scary movie! So I may also post that here. It is mainly reviews of shows and movies although I haven't written anything lately. What's the last scary movie you saw? 

Whatever this ends up being I am glad I am sticking with it. My goal aside from posting regularly is to also interact with people here. I get feedback on most of my post but I don't think I have left anyone else feedback. Which I think I will start doing more of. 

Till tomorrow. ✌️ 

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    To go all in, you need to become a Patron if you can afford $2 per month.

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Jan 15, 2019 21:52:43
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      @RealNegotiator Agreed. I am waiting for some specific features to roll out before I do that.

      Luis Barragan avatar Luis Barragan | Jan 15, 2019 15:33:26
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    @luis Thanks for trusting 200WaD. Your writings belong to you :) Having a blog is important for your business so balance your personal and business needs well!

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jan 16, 2019 00:48:39
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    @luis wow! Thanks to 200WAD, we wouldn't have known that we could write at least 200 words a day! :)

    The Pageman avatar The Pageman | Jan 15, 2019 17:02:29
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      @thepageman I know right. Who knew I was capable of writing that much every day. ?

      Luis Barragan avatar Luis Barragan | Jan 15, 2019 08:09:55
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