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Apr 30, 2019 14:04:38

Getting Back on Track #2

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Keenen Charles

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April has a few hours left and I thought I'd reflect on the past month and my attempt to get back in the habits I'd been working on before.


As usual, I've broken my streak several times this month. I did have a full week where I wrote every day but life got in the way the next day. For my personal goals for writing it's been a good month. I've written something most days this month and the habit hasn't died. I launched a personal blog back in January but it's been neglected in the last month. That's my next task for getting back on track with writing.


I spent a couple of weeks this month working on InboxReads. I redesigned the home page's header based on my analytics data. There were a ton of mobile layout issues that I'd neglected and I finally fixed in that time as well. I feel really comfortable with the state of the site now but I also need to work on ways to increase the traffic and generate more revenue from it.

Wave Radio

Only in the past two weeks of the month, I started working on Wave Radio again. I keep procrastinating with it but it's time I launch it. My hesitation has largely come from a desire to make sure everything is perfect and as good as it can possibly be. But that's an impossible standard to aim for if I intend to see if there's an audience for it. This week I'm working on promotional images and text for launching on Product Hunt and other platforms. My aim is to launch it next week.


Restarting habits you've been working on is challenging. When you stop for an extended period of time you begin to lose the momentum and instincts you've built up to keep those habits going. I've slowly gotten closer to where I felt I was back in January/February but I still have a way to go. It's best not to let the frustration of the lost momentum build because getting there slowly is better than not getting there at all.

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    @keenencharles - I am amazed at those of you that keep coming back after a broken streak. I don't know if I can handle it. There is some pressure/energy that cones from not breaking a streak that I have come to respect. And not breaking the streak in writing helps me stay motivated in other areas of my life.

    Try making 200words a streak for 21-30 days just to see if there is an impact on other parts of your life. You already have over a 100 posts here so I am sure you can maintain a streak just as a test. For May maybe?

    Good luck with your habits in May.

    Keep writing.

    Keni avatar Keni | May 01, 2019 20:35:55
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      @keni for me it's been easy to come back because my main goal is to write more and write publicly so missing a day doesn't bother me too much.

      But it would be interesting to see what effects trying to maintain the streak for a month does. I think my longest streak so far was only 2 weeks. I have no major distractions this month so I'll give it a go maybe it has benefits I haven't even thought of :)

      Keenen Charles avatar Keenen Charles | May 01, 2019 17:59:38
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