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Mar 18, 2019 18:51:20

Get something over with. [meaning, use]

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Today I decided that it's boring to write two hundred words about nothing or not special happened on my day. That's more interesting to tell people about something special or share knowledge. 

I decided to get not interesting articles over with just for tonight, for this amazing tired day. I chose to tell about English phrase today.

I got this combination of words (phrase) here. This is very cool site for people who learn English.

Get something over with.

It means: finish something as soon as possible, complete the task or project.

Usage: you can use this phrase always when you finished or want to finish something. (Just look on the meaning, haha.)


I'm so tires, I just hope that I'll get it over with...

You should to get over with this test, because we need to come back to home as soon as possible.

Dojoben got his first day over with, he can finally go to home.

Sometimes, it's best to just get these things over with.

I just googled and found another one interesting meaning here β€” do something quickly and hastily; without procrastination.

That's interesting. I hope I'll learn this phrase and I hope I helped you.

I am getting over with today's two hundred words today! (I did it almost without procrastination and distraction.)


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