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Get clients summary (sourced mostly from The Futur)

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Sources: How to find clients that value design, An introvert's guide to getting clients, How will your customers find you?

Networking should be all organically: make friends, help people, be out there.

Get your social network out there: but don't look for the sale. You'll be spammy.

A client buys Assurance.

Work only with people who value what you do.

What kind of people are you surrounded by, right now?

In your world, who do you bump into?

E.G. what kind of clients does your accountant manage?

Investigate the professional circles right around you.

Setup killer case studies in an industry you want to go into.

Visit smaller shops, smaller chains. Bike shops, etc. Your impact will be bigger than in a big corporate studio/company.

What are your hobbies? Look at the things you are interested in.

hiking β†’ Where do you buy your gear from? Contact those shops

yoga β†’ Contact studios, teachers etc.

Reach out to smaller suppliers instead of the big brands. You can mean a lot more to them.

"I want more clients"

First question: How many people do you talk to in a week?

Reach out to 30 people in 1 week.

Who do I contact? 2 types of people.

a. design studios (the bigger fish) if they can use your help

b. Service providers, people like you, who already have clients. Building your network and fleshing out future opportunities

Only sometimes do work that breaks even or burn rate to build up your portfolio.

Start with your passions.

Continuously create amazing content.

don't ask for much

but scaffold: Ask for something small and keep trading up.

Focus on awareness.

Where do your customers gather their information from? AKA how will they find you? Where are they most active? Connect with them through story-telling. Empower the customer to share that story (aka social media)

Provide value. do it for free. do it openly. β€”> Inform and inspire. Create content that your clients want and share it.



Can’t figure out who to ask? Look at successful freelancer’s websites and go to their client list.

This can be a cold e-mail, but also can be IRL.

- Why did they hire the specific freelancer they hired?

- How’d they found out that freelancer they hired?

- What problems where they having that lead them to hire a freelancer?

- What are the results they expected from hiring a freelancer

Ask at least 5-10 people to establish a good baseline. Note common words used, common problems and pain points they’ve got and what the top results they expected were.

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    @flowen I appreciate this summary! The Futur is a great resource, but their videos tend to be a tad long for me.

    Victoria Maung avatar Victoria Maung | Dec 24, 2018 23:07:27
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      @vickenstein no problem! I watch them all at 2x speed anyways :) Happy to hear they benefit more people

      lowen flowen avatar lowen flowen | Dec 25, 2018 12:02:01
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