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Dec 21, 2018 12:41:36

Get a second father aka teacher aka sensei aka mentor

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Learning new technology is fun and frustrating. F AND F. 

You often wanna scream F*kk this, I quit.

But you keep pursuing your goal.

Work through the Frustration.

And when you create something, you're so proud of it. You realise it's actually Fun. 

When I was working for an employer I had colleagues that would mentor me and could answer questions. Started out as a junior. Years later I would slowly work towards becoming a senior and I would be the mentor for the juniors. 

I learned so much in this period, but ever since starting out as a freelancer, I've been missing this. 

Conceptually, there are talks about a second father. I forgot where I heard this from, but you have your birth-father and a second father. Which in the past is like your teacher, your sensei, your mentor. It's a father who helps you with your progress to becoming a professional. Often this is NOT your biological father.

I have friends online who help me, but it's a bit different than having a mentor. Maybe it's my pride, I don't wanna keep asking for help, they also have their own work to do.

So it's a bit different nowadays. I find help on chats. On telegram, I'm on the WIP, WIP React and (private) Spicy channel. There are public chats on slack with developers that often can help you out and of course stack overflow.

If you're looking for a mentor though, I would advise to find them on Twitter. There's a bunch of people who would love to help out. There was a huge thread made by Stephanie Hurlburt (@sehurlburt) asking for mentors and Ishan Sharma created a website with all the mentors available for all kind of subjects.

If you're looking for a mentor for front-end UI, I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Anyway, FF it ✌🏽

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    I've heard of the 4 F Club...But never the 2 FFers.

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Dec 21, 2018 14:01:56
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      @RealNegotiator nice TIL this

      lowen flowen avatar lowen flowen | Dec 21, 2018 17:26:08
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      @flowen Thanks for the link!

      Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Dec 22, 2018 18:01:38
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    @flowen I wanted to make a joke about sugar daddies but I'm out of ideas ?

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 21, 2018 13:09:22
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