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May 14, 2019 21:32:31

Gamification In Google Maps

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Keenen Charles

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It's one of those techniques that when it works it works really well. Lately, I've found myself contributing more to Google Maps. Each time you add some info or verify info added by others you get some points. As you earn points you can get to a higher level. Google regularly offers perks to contributors at the highest level, but honestly, that's not been a motivator to me.

Logically I know Google Maps is owned by a huge company and I'm only contributing to their future success. But I've found it so useful in my own life that contributing to it feels less like I'm helping a giant corporation and more like I'm helping someone like me who occasionally relies on maps to get around.

This is the reason I think gamification works so well in Maps. Contributing already gives you an emotional buzz. You feel like you're helping someone. Attaching points and a levelling system that further amplifies those feelings. You want to help others and earn points from doing it. It rewards your initial selflessness by satisfying your own self-interests.

Not every platform has these emotional ties to actions. When many try gamification techniques it feels forced and tacked on. If you can find a natural way to further reward your users for taking actions that already delight them, maybe you can get them hooked the way Google Maps has hooked many.

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    @keenencharles Funny, I've just edited two google maps locations in as many weeks and now they keep updating me on the number of views my edits are getting. It makes you feel as though you've done something useful. Maybe that's what they tap in with this type of gamification. Unlike flashy badges and virtual points, which mean nothing at all, this tells you that you're being useful. We all want that sort of validation.

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | May 15, 2019 08:38:11
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      @gabrielgreco yes exactly! That feeling of being useful makes it much more appealing than just the typical points and badges.

      Keenen Charles avatar Keenen Charles | May 15, 2019 07:53:29
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      @keenencharles Google might be evil, but nobody can deny they make good products.

      Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | May 15, 2019 23:41:37
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