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Feb 14, 2019 21:17:23

FT7 Divide and Conquer

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Today I am describing the algorithm, called Divide and Conquer, which makes us imagine cacophony colonial ages but this is more peaceful. This is 7th post based on Feynman Technique. I will explain the concept with a simple term as possible as if I explained to a 10-year-old kid.

The concept of Divide and Conquer is work-sharing or parallel work. If you have a large task to be done as a team, and we divide the task into smaller tasks for each member. Each member is working on an independent smaller task, and then after all of the smaller tasks are done,  we collect the result from each member and summarize the result for the larger task. 

One example would be the presidential election. To elect the one president in the country, we divide the region and select the representative for each state, and then we will determine the one president for the whole country. 

This sounds similar to Dynamic Programming but the difference between them is the overlap of work among smaller tasks. Dynamic Programming allows to overlap the task and reuse the result of sub-tasks. But the Divide and Conquer algorithm is not.  


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