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Dec 25, 2018 04:49:22

Freedom from platforms - Part 2

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Santhosh Guru

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(TL;DR of part 1: My wife started a company and acquired customers mainly through Facebook pages and ads. A company which had similar name raised concern, swiftly she changed the name of the page and continued the campaign. But she was in for a surprise. πŸ™„)

After six months or so, we got a mail from the company saying that the Facebook page's handle was still the old name. (Facebook allows you to have a page name and a handle name. Page name can be changed easily at anytime but not the handle name). We explained saying that we cannot change that on our own, we have raised a request to Facebook and they are not replying to the query. The lawyers of the company were aggressive and demanding we act soon. We were simply waiting for Facebook to reply back. (Facebook sucks in these critical things 😑)

Suddenly one day, my wife got a mail from Facebook saying the page is a copyright violation and it was taken down. It further went on and said, get the consent of the company's legal team to bring the page back. Apparently, the legal team complained about the page's handle name being similar to their brand and Facebook decided to shut down the page, even before hearing out the other side. We reached the support team and some friend who worked there to help us out but in vain.

It was then I realised, all the money spent on acquiring customers (page like, subscribers and brand visibility) vanished in seconds because of our reliance on a platform like Facebook. She didn't have the phone number or email or name of the customers acquired so far. We should have put on efforts in acquiring the customers through Facebook but not depend on the platform completely.

The talks of email being dead and Slack (or any other alternative) is the future sounds like bull shit to me. 

Email is the most powerful and resilient technology that the Internet has given to us. A website is the true real estate on the Internet. Not a Facebook page or a Twitter handle or a Medium account or an Instagram account.

This is not a Luddite cry to stay away from them. All these platforms have different incentives than ours. Their business models are being experimented based on market changes and various stakeholders. We need to use these platforms to catalyse the growth but not fully rely on them.

Spend money in Facebook or Google ads, but getting  your customers details like email or phone number to build a relationship with them is extremely important. WhatsApp number or a SnapChat handle might look very sexy, but through that, build a relationship with  customers, but don’t rely only on that.

We should all be using these platforms to fuel our growth, but we all need to rely on the tried and tested technologies to build businesses and relationships with customers.

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    @santhoshguru That is quite a lesson! Thanks for sharing and providing us with a reminder about the price of doing business on certain platforms and the value of establishing relationships with customers.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Dec 26, 2018 15:32:18
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      @brandonwilson Thanks a lot. Indeed the old school techniques of managing customer relationships are really important. The medium of managing it might change but we shouldn't miss the forest for trees.

      Santhosh Guru avatar Santhosh Guru | Jan 08, 2019 17:32:18
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    @santhoshguru thanks for sharing this lesson. Heard it one too many times, and after making products of my own, am also learning the hard way. Good reminder! :)

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Dec 25, 2018 07:08:19
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      @jasonleow Yes Jason. After this episode, this lesson is kind of permanently etched in mind.

      Santhosh Guru avatar Santhosh Guru | Jan 08, 2019 17:33:04
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