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Jun 14, 2019 18:27:44


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... the last stupid headline. I just wanted to finish the week line (Why I am keeping there the last "y" I don't know it doesn't make sense haha :)). 

Yesterday I tried a funny thing and I recorded a podcast for myself. Just talking almost 20 minutes about random things. I enjoyed it and I am gonna try it today again. The best part is to listen to yourself after. Am I getting too narcissistic?:D

Nobody is talking to me so I must do it by myself hehe. My life is awesome!


Raptors won hooray. At least one of 2 favorite teams got the cup. I think people gonna get crazy in Toronto. So sad I cannot be there and celebrate with the city. 


Going boxing today. I like it a lot, even though still think going twice a week is enough (exercise twice a week is not enough, but it's better if you combine more sports or activities, otherwise it's no fun, at least for me). -but today I will make an exception and will go for the third time. Need to get beaten myself up a little cuz I know I am gonna be super lazy during the weekend.

Okay, have a good one. Seeya tomorrow.


Stay with me. Efran.

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