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Nov 29, 2018 16:30:05

For F*cus sake

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Damn focus. 


Just focus. 

Now I'm focussing on my focus instead of just focussing on the thing I should focus on. 

For F*cus sake. 

Stop thinking of smart jokes and start focussing already. I mean I do focus, but I should just focus on my work. That's what I mean with focussing. 

So start working already. 

Is this a meta-focus?


What was I doing again? 

I am trying to remember the problem I was dealing with. How can I think of something if I only focus on myself. See, that is exactly the problem here. The problem right now, not the problem I was dealing with before. So if I just solve this problem first, then I am sure I can find my previous problem. 

So less focus on myself. 

When I had a burnout and my mind was going in overdrive this was exactly how my thoughts would go. 

A psychologist once told me there are 3 points of focus. Yourself, whatever you are doing and others. And basically I couldn't focus on the task. I couldn't lose myself in this world. There was no flow. 

So whenever I had this, I would imagine 3 points, in a triangle. Instantly I realised what I did. Awareness arose and somehow I could direct my focus.


                                                              .               . 

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    @flowen why do you write focussing with two 's'? ?

    Cool read though, there is some illuminati vibe to it haha ?

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Nov 30, 2018 07:08:22
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      @flowen @basilesamel Because I'm a warrior and I spell it my way.

      lowen flowen avatar lowen flowen | Nov 30, 2018 09:15:28
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