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May 16, 2019 21:42:40

Following Your Passions

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Keenen Charles

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I finally launched my side project Wave Radio this week! I'm aiming for more of a soft launch to iron out any remaining issues before sharing in more places. But so far I'm already enjoying working on it again. It's a project born completely out of my love of music and it's gradually reignited my desire to discover new music.

In my teens, I'd scour the internet for new music from artists I liked and anyone related to them. I would listen to an artist's entire discography then get lost in a rabbit hole of artists with similar sounds. My tastes expanded and I got into music I would never have considered before. Just like experiencing a new culture, a new genre can make you question everything you thought you knew. You see the world differently.

Sadly since university, my time spent exploring has decreased. I've stuck to artists I liked and only added new artists occasionally. I've clung to my already established tastes and found artists that fit within. I wonder if this is the calcification our parents suffer that makes them sceptical of our music. Does it creep up on you like this?

Working on Wave Radio has forced me to explore again. I've been listening to music others have shared and searched for new songs to share myself. Suddenly I find myself loving songs I would've never found in my bubble like this insanely catchy German rap song.

I think this is one of the rewards that come with working on projects you're passionate about. It can further ignite your passions and force you to dig deeper. It's confirming my belief that following your passions is the right way even if it's not a straightforward journey.

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    @keenencharles congrats on the launch! Will check out wave radio for sure

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | May 17, 2019 19:05:00
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