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Mar 13, 2019 06:48:58

Flash Sale Result

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Yesterday one of my projects go-lives, my client's site launching a flash sale, it was both successes and failures at the same time. 

The success part is the setup I design and build is still the same doing very well; we manage to get 90 orders within 2 minutes (Last year is only 88 boxes, and we sold out within 2 minutes, this year we have around 188 boxes and can top up another 100 boxes if need). By the time 5 minutes later, 162 orders are in place already. I consider it a huge success.

The failures part is lots of order failed at payment part, the user fills in the form, submitted the form and redirect to the payment gateway, but didn't full fill the payments. They drop at that page. Currently, we are suspect the payment gateway cannot handle the load; when the users are having issues on the payment, they abandon it.

We take it total 400 entries, there is nearly 50% drop at the payment page, which seem like something is not right. Currently, I m still trying to check my setup is there anything wrong that causes the payment drop up. 

Another thing I feel like is we didn't create enough urge for the users. Instead of just open up all 188 entries, we should try like releasing in batches, create the phenomena every one is rushing to buy, so the users won't have chances to calm down and think about it. It sound a little bit evil lol but this is a just view from a technical person, maybe the marketing person can have a better suggestion.

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