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Feb 19, 2019 17:17:35

Finish new show through Youtube

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I just finish one of the hottest Netflix show - You through a unique way - Youtube. Nope, I m not trying to watch the complete show through that illegal upload on Youtube. What I watch is those Youtube channel that sharing about the drama detail.

This seems like a new trend and I have these weird habits. Watching youtube channel that sharing about a new movie or interesting drama. Instead of wasting 1~2 hours to watch the complete show, I just spend 10 min to watch it on Youtube and understand the whole story. Sometimes I can finish one whole season within an hour, I been chasing the Super Natural until season 7, all through the Youtube session like this.

It's something like the old day when we watching television. If I don't have much time to follow some of my favourite show, I will just buy the TV guide and follow the show progress. Now day Youtube has become my TV guide, drama or movie that I feel interested and no time to watch, wait for my favourite Youtube Channel to talk about it.

There are shows that not suitable for a trend like this as well, my favourite show "How I meet your mother", I m on the second time to rewatch the whole series. Every show is only 30min and it's like the best 30min compress in each episode. I haven't seen anyone trying to talk about HIMYM but I think this is definitely worth to watch the actual episode.

It's really interesting how technology changes our behaviour, I don't believe if someone tells me 5 years ago, I will watch Youtube to follow up the stories of these dramas and movies. But now it becomes one of my hobbies.

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