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Mar 01, 2019 14:38:48

Finally a fun weekend

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After months of laziness, I am gonna finally do some fun. I am going to the mountains for the weekend and do some snowboarding. It has been a while I snowboarded so sure I am looking forward. It's kinda funny as a teenager until maybe 21 years of age I had been going to mountains every weekend and much more during all the winter. I couldn't wait until the next trip and at school, I was just thinking about snowboarding. But since then I am rarely there and I am totally fine with it. Just one phase had finished and another began ... 

My brother needs help too so part of the process gonna be babysitting my nephews but I haven't seen them for a long time so I can survive that, haha.

Anyway, keep my streak here is gonna be a little harder but hopefully will find some time to write. I must apologize in advance if my Saturday and Sunday post will be boring and stupid but I guess I am gonna have just a little time. I know guys what you would say "nevermind efran all your posts are stupid:D". Let's say even worse than usual haha.

Hopefully, the weather stays good and I am not gonna break any bone. Wish me luck.


Enjoy your weekend too and stay with me. Efran

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    @efran Have fun! Post some pic links here.

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Mar 01, 2019 20:36:41
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