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Dec 24, 2018 15:23:47

Fewer gifts

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It's almost time to share the gifts for the year. This ear I promised not to get any, and almost kept it. I actually ended up getting only one proper gift. And even that one is (I hope) more practical than just vanity.

I did get something in advance which I already told to my kids but told them it will be their Christmas present from me this year. They are old enough to understand the concept already.and there is no need to wrap such things in gift paper anymore.

What I got is an experience rather than just something to pile up in the corners. Something to do together. Those are the best kind of gifts, at least from my point of view. And something I know they really wanted.

Having kids growing older definitely changes the concept of Christmas. It's no longer about all the secrecy and excitement. It's more about sharing and spending time together. And I do believe our kids have learned that as well. To appreciate the time and memories from those times spent together. As it might be we don't have that many years together. at least not in the same way anymore once they move away from home. Instead of us visiting our parents they will be visiting their parents. And so, a new cycle begins.

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    @Arcticloon Merry Christmas! :)

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 25, 2018 07:57:58
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