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Feb 24, 2019 21:26:05


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It's has been quite a few whiles that I had a fever, almost forget how it feels. Although most of the time I need to help to take care of our kids with illness, it seems like so far they never spread it to me.

I have fever since Thursday night, didn't think much just take some medicine and sleep. Friday I'm rushing for a few meeting outside, it starts to feel feverish again during evening time when I am coming back. Started Friday night, from 6~8 hours the fever will come back again and will need to take medicine. The temperature is as high as 39 degrees but other than fever no other symptom, so it's tough to guess what's going wrong. I just went to doctor this morning, and it seems like either is virus attack or might be dengue, but can't tell, for now, have to take some antibiotic and rest to monitor.

So my whole plan for the weekend is ruined because you feel like do nothing when the fever is up, even you take medicine immediately, it going to take a while for you to start perspired and lower down the body temperature. You feel like to rest and store up the energy for the next fever up.

Gonna say goodbye to the weekend, all the books that I plan to read, work that I plan to do and maybe code that I plan to write. I going to rest well this weekend and recover soon to come back finish all these.

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