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Feb 01, 2019 11:59:31

February Ride

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Last January I failed to meet two goals: set up a fundraising campaign and finish reading 4 hr workweek. I met one goal though ㅡ write once a week (3-4 articles or writattions then) but I made more than that. Thanks to 200wad and Telegra.ph

Hi February

For February, I plan to stick to finishing 4 hr workweek as a goal, writing daily, and saving enough money to go to the country I want to teach. 

At the moment, I do not want to state what country it is, because they say when you announce your biggest goal, you're not likely to obtain it. 😜

Other miscellaneous goals will be:

ㅡ creating free infographics for my educational page

ㅡ go on a hiking with Friends (it's important, but I cannot make it my top 3 goals for February, because life has a funny way of ruining plans :P )

ㅡ brush my teeth 3x consistently

ㅡ track what makes me happy the most

ㅡ keep up with my gratitude journal

January Take-aways

The only reason why this comes second instead of first, because either I am a.) weird b.) did not learn anything at all c.) all of the above

As I can tell, the right option is none of the above. The truth was I was only writing this whatever came to my mind first. I love it, because it is effortless. 

Anyway, for January I've learned that the only way to get moving is to get started. It is creating momentum. Yes, I might not be able to achieve the two goals, but what more if I did not start writing at all? 

I have also learned to be more self-reliant and to respond, not react. 

I have also learned to know more songs of FM Static and Boys like Girls ㅡ one of those bands I used to listen to when I was in high school. Oh, the nostalgia.

I can say that my 2019 is starting well. I have no idea how the ride will be all throughout the year, but I hope for the best..and if things did not work out the way I wanted it, I'd pick myself up, because at the end of the day I still have ME.

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