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Mar 23, 2019 08:36:08

Fear is Fun

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Brian Ball

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I rolled into town last night at 11:00pm. I'm in a Sprinter van that I can sleep in so all I need to do is park, brush my teeth and put in some ear plugs before I'm ready to sleep.

Here's what I noticed in the middle of the night.

Loud noises create trigger an alert in my system.

As I noticed - oh, that's just a truck releasing air brakes - I still felt a few seconds of excitement.

It was about 34F last night out here in the desert. The chill of the air on my head was interesting. The air out here is dry. I didn't have any water near by. Are my eyes going to dry out? Is my mouth going to be dry enough to get me out of this sleeping bag? These few thoughts were enough to get my attention. Interesting. 

As I noticed these little alerts from my lizard brain - I laid there feeling them explode in my chest and quickly burn out - like the fireworks that explode and twinkle into smoke as they fall in the sky.

My recent learning about fear had me enjoying this rather than being afraid of the unknown. Now I get the lure of skiing and motorcross and high-speed driving. It's the fear that makes it fun.

What else could I think perceive as excitement that moves me into action rather than something  to be afraid of and force me to pause?

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