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Mar 20, 2019 22:40:58

Favorite way of eating Avocado

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How did you meet with Avocado? What was the first time memory with it? What is your favorite way of eating Avocado?

When I was a little kid and visited my grandparent's house, it was the first time for me to eat Avocado. It was served as a dessert or snack. Simply it was chopped by half. The crater was filled with syrup made with melted butter and honey. It was about right riped soft texture. Since then I recognized Avocado was a dessert to eat with something sweet. My wife did not agree with this and she regards Avocado as almost vegetable.

Recently we just tried organic Avocado from Costco with croissant, tomato, and fried scrambled egg. It was amazing. Both my wife and I was about being addictive simply because it was so tasty without adding much by hand. It was tasty as it is. We felt we enjoyed the natural things. 

Just we need to make sure if Avocado was ripe enough. We need to leave them more than 40 F / 4C degree to accelerate the process. When it gets brown and the surface easily gets dented by a finger, it is about the time. 

Last but not least, the way of my favorite eating is Avocado with soymilk and a spoonful of sugar. Thanks to soymilk and texture of Avocado, it tastes like ice cream.  




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