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Dec 08, 2018 16:24:51


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I have been working as a freelance web developer for the past few years. I always feel like building something, but couldn't really squeeze out much time as a freelancer, dad of 2 sons and husband that help out the housework.

So last year, I invited another friend as partner and loan some money from other friends to start ProductizeHQ, the ideas is I get some trust partner to do my work and I might actually have time to build products. It sounds a bit naive but that's what I really planning at the beginning.

The first 6 months looks ok, we continue the business I already have, I welcome my second kids and busy with, I convert things from my own name to the company and setup flow since I no longer working alone.

The next 6 months was a nightmare, we form a partnership with a media company to build some product and freelance work, we bring in our first staff because we think that work will be overwhelming, but the media company partnership can't make it. 

I try to pivot and doing some services business, put in $$ to do advertising and try to connect with others to see if anything can be worked out but nothing really work.

One day I really crashing down, all the pressure is on me, it's been 3 month without any income or leads. I miss the old day when doing freelance and start thinking maybe I m not really suitable for all these or is not the right time for me. I let go of my first staff and my partner go back to the corporate world.

After closing down the partnership, I feel like I m in the lowest point of my life & freelance careers for 2 months. I really doubt on my own ability because I fail to lead a company.

So these are my failure for the past few months, lucky I m over it.

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    @knight thank you for opening up and sharing your vulnerability. you're right not to give up! failures are just lessons learned the hard way. your skills are very valuable, and it's ok to take breaks, especially with your family.

    Victoria Maung avatar Victoria Maung | Dec 08, 2018 17:18:25
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      @vickenstein thanks for the encouragement! yup, thanks for the family and my wife that support me no matter what. It will be really tough without their support.

      Knight avatar Knight | Dec 09, 2018 16:03:49
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