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Jan 25, 2019 14:47:32

Fail story - E-commerce project - Part 1

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When I was finishing my university I had to do an e-commerce project for my diploma thesis. I just needed to get it done otherwise I wouldn't graduate. It was in 2015.

So the first thing I needed to find a product to sell. It wasn't that hard cuz I was walking every day to work around a high school and in that time it started to be popular to have just a small Nike gym sack (string bag, gym bag you can name it as you want but hope you know what I mean hehe). Just almost everyone was wearing it. 

So the idea was born. Of course, I wanted a slightly different product so I try to differentiate a little and because the Nike gym sack has a big logo printed on it. I thought it could work also to do the bag without any print just in a solid color (another thought was to match my gym sacks colors with Vans authentic shoes which were also very popular at that time).

Where should I produce the bags? After the idea, I had to find the producer. The first I was looking around in my country. I wanted to keep the quality high, I mean at least to match the quality of the Nike gym sacks, I didn't want just some cheap - one layer bag which you could buy for a dollar. I could finally make some prototype but the production cost was too high (the production price was matching the selling price of Nike gym sack) so the margin would be too low. So I started looking abroad and as you can guess I ended up by checking Chinese producer on Alibaba. 

Have to admit that I was in time pressure. The finals were closer and closer and I needed to have some data for my thesis also I wanted to catch the Christmas season to start with some hope for profit. So I just found a suitable producer, asked for the sample. The sample arrived quite soon but still, time was running so I just checked it really quickly and make the final order. If you are working with the Chinese producer you need to make usually a minimum order quantity so with no hesitation I order 500pcs of the bags (in 5 colors 100 pcs/each color) haha.


to be continue


Stay with me. Efran.

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